[Review] It’s Skin Power 10 Serum (VC)

20151031_085208I’ve wanted to add a serum to my skin care routine for quite some time now, but had no clue where to start.  I decided to go with the It’s Skin Power 10 VC Effector serum as it was one of the best reviewed and best priced per ml.  I’ve been holding off on this review until I was sure I used this product long enough—and I’ve used up the entire regular sized bottle AND the super sized version… Continue reading [Review] It’s Skin Power 10 Serum (VC)


[Review] Etude House – In The Cafe palette

20160507_034152I love eye shadow palettes.  Not sure why, but I just love collecting them (I have a bunch of old Urban Decay ones that I can’t seem to part with…even if I don’t use them any more).  I’ve been eyeing up this palette online but, for some reason, could not bring myself to spend over $20 on it. I had the chance to pick this up at Duty Free in Incheon Airport on a stopover in South Korea (haul post here) for $16.  Spoiler alert: I LOVE IT. Continue reading [Review] Etude House – In The Cafe palette

[Review] Etude House Curl Fix Mascara (Black)

I was in the market for new mascara and have been eyeing up some of the Korean ones…but I just didn’t know which to choose!  Luckily Etude House released a new mascara in their line, the Curl Fix, which promises to curl your lashes (and keep them that way).  The commercials featuring Krystal of f(x) were really cute and I decided to test this out after picking up the Open Your Eyes kit being offered on the Etude House website (which was a steal when it was on sale!).  So, how does this compare to the current mascara, Maybelline’s The Rocket Waterproof, I’ve been using? Continue reading [Review] Etude House Curl Fix Mascara (Black)

[Music] Top 5 Songs for January-May 2016

Top5(Jan-May16)I used to do music posts every month on my blog before I started focusing on cosmetics…and I feel odd not doing them any more since I love music.  The title of my blog is a quote by Kim Jaejoong of JYJ, formerly of TVXQ, so you think my blog would be about music, right?  I do have a few ‘favorites’ posts coming up for Jaejoong, XIA Junsu, Tohoshinki, f(x), and a possible NU’EST one to follow up the JYJ, Dong Bang Shin Gi (TVXQ), and Girls’ Generation posts I a while ago.  In addition to those group/singer-specific posts, I’m also going to start up my top 5 songs for a span of months so these posts will be sporadic (since my posting isn’t consistent any more due to lack of time…and a demanding job).  So here is the first Top 5 Songs I’ve been loving for January-May 2016.

Continue reading [Music] Top 5 Songs for January-May 2016

[Haul] Incheon Duty Free/Myeongdong, May 2016

20160507_033613Late last month I had the chance to travel to Bali, Indonesia for work…and I got to stopover in South Korea traveling to and from Bali!  Naturally I picked up a few (a.k.a. A LOT) of cosmetics despite only being in the airport for 24 hours and in the actual city for 5.  It was my first time being in Korea and it has me so excited for next spring when my best friend and I are planning our vacation to Seoul! Continue reading [Haul] Incheon Duty Free/Myeongdong, May 2016

[Haul] MEMEBox, April 2016

I’m alive!!!  I’m back from my work trip to Bali and my two stopovers in Incheon, South Korea.  But, before I can get to the haul of cosmetics I picked up, here’s a MEMEBox order.  I had heard about MEMEBox a while ago but never really checked it out.  I’ve seen it pop up on my Facebook feed multiple times over the last year and finally decided to really give the site a look.  I’ve been a watcher of makeup artist Pony on YouTube and I know she had done collaborations with MEMEBox in the past (which is originally how I heard about them).  After spotting that they’re selling her Pony Effect line, I decided to put in an order. Continue reading [Haul] MEMEBox, April 2016

[Review] Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

20150516_175138I thought I had my perfect toner in the Nature Republic Hawaiian Fresh Clear Toner (review here), but I was forced to look elsewhere once I learned it was being discontinued.  Reluctantly, I searched for a new toner which was specified for pore care and had a good volume-per-dollar ratio.  I figured the Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner could fit the bill since it is one of their best-selling products and 500 ml for about $15.00 (on sale).  After testing it for a couple months, how does this measure up to my old Nature Republic favorite? Continue reading [Review] Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

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